Greece earthquake: Crete hit by 6.4 magnitude quake sending shockwaves across holiday spot

Greece earthquake: US Geological Survey shows area affected

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The quake struck close to Crete this morning. According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake struck a depth of 10km. The USGS also revealed the earthquake hit the east coast of Crete.

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The earthquake was reported at 9.24am UTC, 12.24pm local time.

According to the

European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), this is the seventh quake to strike Greece.

One person from Sitia, said on the EMSC: “Quite strong one!

“I couldn’t walk properly on the road!”

Greece earthquake: A 6.2 quake has struck this afternoon

(Image: USGS)

Greece earthquake: The quake struck Crete today

(Image: USGS)

Another person also said: “Was strong enough to go outside the building.”

A third also said: “I felt a little bit of shaking and swinging.”

In the last half an hour, the EMSC has also reported a 3.5 magnitude earthquake in Crete.

Another quake was reported in the

Dodecanese Islands today.


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Greece earthquake: The quake to the east of Crete

(Image: USGS)


There have been no reports of injuries as of yet.

Authorities have not confirmed whether a tsunami will strike following the earthquake.

Local media reported, Derek Gatopoulos said no serious damage had been done to the area.

He tweeted: “No serious damage on nearby island of Karpathos, crews still checking remote Cretan villages nearest to epicentre.”


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Greece earthquake: Several quakes have struck the area recently

(Image: EMSC)

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