End of Macron! New right-wing contender to rock French President – ‘serious challenge’

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French president

is now under threat from right-wing possible presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. Mr Zemmour has pushed aside the far-right Marine Le Pen in popularity, and now poses a serious challenge to Mr Macron. Mr Zemmour, a French far-right writer who supports Bonapartism, has been considered in news media as a possible right-wing anti-establishment candidate in the 2022 presidential election.

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However, he has yet to publicly declare that he will run for office.

Associate editor at The Spectator Douglas Murray, writing in the Daily Telegraph, described Mr Zemmour as saying “many things that the public had not previously dared”.

Mr Murray added: “He called for halts on immigration.

“He controversially lamented the demographic alteration of the French population and also called for direct measures to counter these changes.

French president Emmanuel Macron and far-right writer Eric Zemmour

(Image: GETTY)

“Today he is a celebrity in France.

“Paris Match recently put him on their front cover because of a photo snatched of him in the sea bathing with his attractive young female assistant.”

The writer went on to suggest that Mr Zemmour’s rise is “not just a political earthquake in France but across Europe”.

He added: “The EU has survived in recent decades on a technocratic class that occasionally registers deep public concerns, but does little or nothing to address them.

French president Emmanuel Macron

(Image: GETTY)

“Zemmour does not follow in that tradition.

“With his dislike of the European Union, hatred of the status quo and belief that France can reassert itself as a sovereign power, the French public may go to the polls next time with a chance for serious change.”

French voting polls reveal that far-right stalwart of the French political ecosystem Marine Le Pen has seen her support falling and Mr Zemmour’s rising.

The leader of the National Rally has seen her support fall by more than 10 percent in only a few months.


French president Emmanuel Macron

(Image: GETTY)


However, if Mr Zemmour was to run as a candidate, it looks possible that he could go through to the final round as a major contender to go up against President Macron.

Mr Zemmour divides opinion in France, he has been convicted for inciting hatred in the country.

Gaspard Gantzer, a former advisor to ex-President François Hollande said that Mr Zemmour has “checkmated the media, just like Trump”.

He added: “Zemmour is very well-known in a splintered media landscape.

“He is ahead of the pack because those who make the most outrageous statements have the advantage today.”

The first round of the 2022 French presidential election will be held on 10 April 2022.

The election will be held just before the 2022 legislative election.

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