La Palma volcano eruption LIVE: Canary Islands evacuated as lava swallows homes on isle

La Palma volcano eruption LIVE: Canary Islands evacuated as lava swallows homes on holiday isle

(Image: Getty)

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La Palma: Canary Islands volcano continues to erupt

The eruption, which occurred at 3:15pm local time, caused lava to shoot into the air and stream into rivers towards nearby villages.

No injuries have so far been reported.


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9 mins ago


Olivia Stringer

Local airline cancels flights following eruption

Canary Islands airline Binter has cancelled 4 flights as a result of last nights eruption.

19 mins ago


Olivia Stringer

Spanish Prime Minister says citizens can ‘rest easy’

Pedro Sanchez the Spanish Prime Minister who arrived in La Palma last night for talks with the island’s government on managing the eruption said, ”

We have all the resources and all the troops, citizens can rest easy.”

32 mins ago


Olivia Stringer

La Palma at risk of large landslide

Experts have warned that La Palma is at risk of undergoing to a large landslide which could cause a tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean.

46 mins ago


Olivia Stringer

Volcano erupted in uninhabited area of mountain

It is reported that the volcano erupted in an inuhabited area of the mountain and caused a number of forest fires.

56 mins ago


Olivia Stringer

Eruption could last 2 months

Locals and visitors are being warned that the eruption could last up to 2 months.

59 mins ago


Olivia Stringer

Eruption caught island officials by surprise

The eruption caught island officials by surprise as it came after a drop in the level of seismic activity following an earlier decision to raise the alert yellow to level with experts insisting it did not imply an increased risk to the local population.

1 hour ago


Olivia Stringer

1000 earthquakes registered on island in 5 days before the eruption

It is reported that the eruption occurred after 1000 earthquakes were recorded on the island in the five days before the eruption.

1 hour ago


Olivia Stringer

20 homes have been affected so far

Officials say around 20 homes have been affected so far, with more destruction expected to follow.

1 hour ago


Olivia Stringer

500 tourists evacuated

Around 500 tourists have been evacuated from their hotels. They have been taken to an old barracks in the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma.

1 hour ago


Olivia Stringer

Lava’s temperature is 1075 degrees Celsius.

It has been revealed that the lava’s temperature is a staggering 1075 degress Celsius.

1 hour ago


Olivia Stringer

Canary Islands Volcanology Institute take thermal images of the eruption


Canary Islands Volcanology Institute have taken thermal images of the eruption.

1 hour ago


Olivia Stringer

Footage of house reached by volcano

Here is footage of a house which has been reached by the volcano.

1 hour ago


Olivia Stringer

Mantle of lava running from the volcano

Footage of lava running from the volcano down towards the nearby villages.

2 hours ago


Olivia Stringer

Spanish Prime Minister to visit those affected by the eruption

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, will today visit the affected area alongside the President of the Canary Islands.

2 hours ago


Olivia Stringer

Live footage from the eruption

Watch live footage of the eruption


2 hours ago


Olivia Stringer

Some more pictures from the eruption

Here are some more pictures from the eruption, which is still continuing to spread.

2 hours ago


Olivia Stringer

Thousands evacuated

Thousands of people have been evacuated from nearby villages. The eruption was the first in 50 years.