Afghanistan: Several reported dead in Jalalabad blasts

Afghanistan: Several reported dead in Jalalabad blasts

There has been no claim of responsibility for series of explosions, which left at least seven dead.

Taliban members inspect an area near the site of a blast in Jalalabad [AFP]
18 Sep 2021

At least seven people have been killed and some 30 wounded in a series of blasts in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, according to local sources.

News agencies quoting witnesses and security sources said the fatalities occurred during at least four explosions in the capital of Nangarhar province on Saturday.

“In one attack, a Taliban vehicle patrolling in Jalalabad was targeted,” a Taliban official, who asked not to be named, told AFP news agency.

“Women and children were among the injured,” he said.

Pictures taken at the site of a blast showed a green pick-up truck with a white Taliban flag surrounded by debris as armed fighters looked on.

People outside the Nangarhar Regional Specialization Hospital after the explosions [AFP]

The Taliban stormed to power in mid-August, overthrowing the government as the United States-led international forces completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan. The group has promised to restore security to the violence-racked country.

Reuters news agency reported a total of five blasts, citing sources who said they had received information from hospitals and witnesses.

Earlier, an official from the health department of Nangarhar Province told AFP that three people died and 18 were wounded, while several local media reported the attacks left at least two dead.

While no one has claimed responsibility, the Taliban have pointed the finger at their rivals, the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, also known as ISIS-K.

“Explosions in Jalalabad and in Kabul appear to be work of ISIS-K remnants,” a senior Taliban source told Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid.

“Many people involved in today’s incidents in Jalalabad city have been arrested and investigations are ongoing,” the source added, saying the results of the investigation will be announced later.

Nangarhar is the heartland of ISIS-K.

The chaotic US-led evacuation of foreigners and Afghans who worked for international forces was marred by a devastating bomb attack claimed by ISIS-K which killed scores of people.



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