Joe Biden’s stream CUT OFF by White House after President goes off script during briefing

Joe Biden’s live stream is cut off by the White House

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Viewers of the wildfire briefing in Idaho were perplexed after the White House cut off

Joe Biden

mid-sentence just as he was about to ask a question to attendees. George Geissler of the National Association of State Foresters allowed the President to ask his question but as he was preparing his query the White House cut to a screen thanking people for watching. Viewers were confused why Mr Biden’s question was cut, with many believing the President’s history of gaffes had something to do with it.

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Mr Biden visited Boise, Idaho to speak with wildfire and forestry organisations about climate change and the wildfires which have hit the country over the past year.

But during his appearance at the National Interagency Fire Center at Boise Airport, Mr Biden was invited to ask questions which was then cut from the live stream.

He was heard asking: “One of the things that I’ve been working on with some others is…”

The stream then cut with a screen thanking people for watching.

Joe Biden visited National Interagency Fire Center at Boise Airport

(Image: Getty)

Joe Biden spoke with people at the centre but was cut off when he was about to ask questions

(Image: Sky News Australia)

Viewers shared their views online.

One wrote: “When the boy goes off-script.”

Another added: “Why would they cut the feed? We might have learned when they’re sending General Lee to Afghanistan. So many unanswered questions!”

A comment read: “This is the most bizarre White House in my lifetime.”

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal was a ‘disaster’ says expert

Joe Biden discussed climate change and the wildfires which have hit the US

(Image: Getty)

Mr Biden also told audiences his first job offer was from Idaho lumber company Boise Cascade.

However, The New York Post reported the company said they had no record of the President.

Last month, Mr Biden was once again cut off when he was answering questions from the press.

NBC journalist Peter Alexander grilled the President about Afghanistan during a briefing.

He asked: “If Americans are still in Afghanistan after the deadline, what will you do?”



The cut off appears to be in response to Joe Biden’s history of gaffes

(Image: Getty)

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Mr Biden replied “You’ll be the first person I call” but the White House cut the audio.

During a Labor Day speech, Mr Biden told the audience he was supposed to walk out of the room and not take any questions.

However, he bizarrely told attendees he was defying the rules and wanted to “step into the room” and speak with them.

Mr Biden has seen criticisms levelled his way that ask how much he relies on his handlers during several press conferences where he appears to defy their orders.

He told reporters during a White House briefing he needed to leave and could not stay because he would “get in trouble”.

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