Duncan Smith warns China ‘very dangerous’ – Beijing poses ‘greater military threat’ for UK

China posing ‘greater and greater threat’ warns IDS

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Former Conservative Party leader and Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith warned that


will continue to grow as a threat to the UK and the West. While speaking on

GB News

, he said that China poses threats both economically through trade but also militarily. He highlighted China’s goal of military superiority in the next 20 years and condemned its aggression in the South China Sea region.

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Mr Duncan Smith said: “China is posing a greater and greater threat to us.

“Not just in economic terms but it is also in military terms.

“Their ambition now is to be the world’s largest and most potent military power in the world.

“They have set the target date, this was before Covid, to be so by 2039, I think that is nearer 2040 now.


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IDS warns China is ‘very dangerous’ as Beijing poses ‘greater military threat’

(Image: GB NEWS)

Iain Duncan Smith argued continues to grow more dangerous and poses military threats against the UK.

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“They will certainly be the largest economic power if things don’t change by certainly the mid-2030s.”

Mr Duncan Smith reiterated why this would prove problematic for the West going forward.

He also highlighted his frustration with China’s aggressive actions against its own people and its neighbours.

He said: “The Chinese Government itself is not a peaceful Government, it is a very aggressive Government.

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(Image: Daily Express)

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“At home, it is committing what I consider to be genocide on the Uyghur and the Tibetans as they are forced into Labour camps 1000 miles away from their homes.

“The fact that women are forcibly sterilised and the children are now being basically taken and made Chinese, rather than their own ethnic group.

“China have been arresting people that were peacefully protesting in Hong Kong and putting them away on trumped security charges that can result in a lifetime in prison.”

The Tory MP also highlighted China’s military aggression in the South China sea and why it was dangerous.


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He said: “China has actually seized the South China seas and they are now militarising it.

“They have no historic right to the South China Sea.

“It is bordered by the Philippines, Vietnam, and others who all contest this.

“But China has taken it over because it has oil and resources there and they are now claiming it as part of China.”

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