Taliban caught on film whipping women protesting for equal rights in brutal crackdown

Kabul: Taliban clash with women’s rights protesters

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Afghan women have taken to the street of


‘s capital city Kabul and elsewhere to demand equality and human rights following the


takeover. Footage has emerged of a Taliban fighter brutally beating female protestors in the street. Earlier this week protests in Kabul saw demonstrators clash with armed Taliban soldiers amid attempts by the country’s news hardline regime to impose strict controls on the freedom of women.

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Footage has since surfaced showing a recent women’s protest in Kabul being met with brutal force.

Afghan women can be seen marching, chanting, and holding up placards in Taliban-controlled cities.

Suddenly a Taliban fighter lashes out with a whip and lashes nearby protestors.

The women scream in horror and begin to flew the scene as the man continued to land heavy blows on protestors.

Afghan women take part in a protest in Kabul

(Image: Getty)

It comes days after George W. Bush’s former Presidential press secretary Ari Fleischerwarned US President Joe Biden that Islamic


organisations may move in to fill the ‘void’ left in Afghanistan.

Speaking ahead of the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on Friday, Mr Fleisher argued that


could become another hotbed of violent Islamic terrorism.

Mr Fleischer told LBC: “In Afghanistan what we have known for a long time is in the Middle East it is the worst, most violent Islamic terrorists who feel vacuums.

“That is what we say with ISIS.”

Taliban spokesman says ‘we were not ready’ for new government

Afghan women protest Taliban rule on streets of Kabul

(Image: Getty)

And that is what I fear will happen now in Afghanistan.

“You can only hope that Joe Biden is right, that President Biden is right in making this judgment about Afghanistan.

“But I am afraid history shows that this is where attacks gathered, attackers gather, when there is such a void formed.

“And that is what Afghanistan looks like it will become.”



Afghan War Timeline

(Image: EXPRESS)

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Meanwhile, another regional expert warned Afghanistan could witness a “genocide” as the Taliban turn captures US weapons on vulnerable minorities.

Professor Robert Crews told Sky News last week: “What really alarms be and what alarms a lot of Afghans now is the potential that you have a Black Hawk helicopter being brought to bear on a village, potentially say of Hazaras.

A community they targetted in the 1990s,” he added.

“In acts of violence that the Hazaras regard as genocide, so that balance, their capacity to rule Afghanistan more completely in a more brutal way actually is a major concern.”

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