Australian MP vows to ‘lock out’ Aussies refusing Covid jab from using healthcare system

Australia: MP says ‘we’re going to lock out’ unvaccinated people

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Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Mr Andrews levelled a warning that those that choose to skip the jab will not be allowed to “participate” in what he branded a “vaccinated economy”. He went on to say he will no longer offer protection through more lockdowns to those that are “not willing to protect themselves”. Mr Andrews’ comments come after


implemented a raft of tight


regulations over the past year which have kept deaths to a minimum and infections low.

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Mr Andrews said: “We are going to move to a situation where to protect the health system we are going to lock out people are not vaccinated and can be!

“If you are making the choice not to get vaccinated then you’re making the wrong choice!”

He went on to suggest the Coronavirus situation in Australia will move from the Covid pandemic to a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

He added: “It is not going to be safe for people who are not vaccinated to be roaming around the place spreading the virus.”


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Dan Andrews did not hold back in his fury at Anti-Vaxxers

(Image: 9News)

Mr Andrews vowed to not help unvaccinated people anymore

(Image: 9News)

He insisted there was “every reason” for Aussies to get vaccinated stressing appointments are available.

The Australian called on Aussies to continue to take up the vaccine demanding that a “threshold” was hit in the country.

But Mr Andrews went further, issuing a stark warning of how extensive vaccine requirements will become in Australia as the country emerges from a string of tight regulations.

He demanded how there will be a “vaccinated economy” in which Australians can only “participate” in if they are vaccinated.

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Mr Andrews added: “We are going to get to a point where everybody who can get vaccinated will have ben offers the chance to do so.

He went on to stress how he was not willing to protect unvaccinated citizens anymore with more lockdowns if they are “not willing to protect themselves”.

The strong comments come as Australians have faced a raft of strict Coronavirus regulations in recent months which sparked chaos erupting in cities across the country in August following fury at the continuing lockdowns and restrictions placed on everyday life.

Politicians have faced a backlash from the public for the harsh enforcement of Coronavirus restrictions which have included a trial for a facial recognition app that notifies the authorities if an individual is self-isolating in the correct location.


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While plans for quarantine “villages” have been penned by ministers as possible options in the years to come which could house Australians desperate to return from overseas Covid hotspots and decrease the country’s reliance on hotel quarantine.

It comes despite the country keeping Covid infections and deaths low compared to other areas of the world.

Australia has reported 1,039 deaths from Coronavirus since the outbreak of the pandemic.

While there have been 61,609 infections of COVID-19 in the country.

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