France chaos: Police in Paris filmed in violent clash with shoppers refusing Covid vaccine

Paris protests: Police scuffle with the huge crowds

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has been rocked by an eighth consecutive weekend of street demonstrations as President

Emmanuel Macron

faces a backlash over the country’s strict health passport rules. France’s Covid passport decree, which requires people to have a certificate to enter premises such as cafes and shops, has brought thousands out onto the streets. Police officers in riot gear have been filmed beating back crowds with pepper spray.

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Elsewhere French officers were seen engaging in a running battle with demonstrators attempting to enter a shopping center in Paris without a Covid pass.

In the clip, shared online, a group of officers can be seen racing through a subway station in full riot gear.

The police were recorded in a clash with two female protestors who were reportedly in breach of the restrictions.

During the tussle, one police officer can be seen repeatedly hitting one of the women with a baton.

Paris Protests: Police scuffle with the huge crowds amid anti-Macron protests

(Image: Ruptly)

Elsewhere in Paris, a large number of police were deployed to contain the protests.

Video from the demonstrations shows the officers using tear gas and pepper spray to force the crowd back.

On Saturday protestors took to the streets in Lyon in large numbers, with police reportedly firing tear gas in a bid to prevent the march’s progress.

Footage of social media shows hundreds of demonstrators making their way through streets black with tear gas.

Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

In the background, objects can be seen being hurled at police lines.

Meanwhile, a separate clip appears to show French police officers attempting to confront a large mob of demonstrators inside a Paris metro station.

Riot police were seen confronting protestors in the Châtelet metro station in the heart of Paris.

Shocked commuters headed up the escalators as the French police charge down to confront the protestors.


Emmanuel Macron: A profile

(Image: EXPRESS)

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Demonstrators unfurled a banner in the station and began charing anti-vaccine pass slogans.

The clashes mark the eighth consecutive weekend of protests against France’s Covid-19 health pass.

Last weekend a total of 160,000 people took part in Covid vaccine protests across France according to the country’s interior ministry

By the evening of Saturday, authorities had logged 222 separate protest actions, according to France 24.

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