Xi Jinping faces revolt from Chinese parents over ‘North Korea style’ child propaganda

Xi Jinping faces revolt over propaganda in school books

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Xi Jinping

has come under fire from Chinese parents after a new school textbook was rolled out containing pictures and quotes from


‘s supreme leader. France 24 presenters Victor Mallet and Regis Le Sommier remarked that the propaganda resembled that used in the era of former Chinese dictator Mao Zedong. Mr Mallet went on to say that parents in China have reacted angrily to their children being targeted with pro Xi propaganda.

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Mr Le Sommier told France 24: “It reminds me of Mao Zedong actually.”

“It is like a return to Maoism, and it is kind of North Korean in style,” added Mr Mallet.

“I think it is very disturbing.

“I don’t think the outside world has quite…I mean this was greeted with a lot of hostility by Chinese parents in Mainland China.”

Xi Jinping faces backlash from parents over propaganda in school books

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School textbook featuring photographs and quotes from China’s President Xi Jinping

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“You know not just in Hong Kong where obviously it is a big issue because before now education has been pretty free.

“But in mainland China, we quoted people obviously not by name, but in mainland China who were saying this is disgusting, ‘we do not want my 10-year-old child to be subjected to this kind of nonsense.’

“So it is not something that is popular with the Chinese people, I don’t think at all,” added the France 24 Paris Bureau Chief.

It comes as Chinese

schoolchildren have been filmed taking part in mass military drills.

China: Children appear to take part in mortar practice

The chilling video, which has been shared widely on the social media platform Tik Tok in


, shows what appear to be military instructors giving young school kids instructions on how to fire a mortar.

The shocking clip end with the kids launching a mortar bomb into the air wish explodes in a cloud of colored smoke.

Squads of camo-clad children can be seen walking past in the background.

While in the background more school kids sit and receive instruction on what appears to be a play yard.



Xi Jinping: A profile

(Image: EXPRESS)

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The mock practice comes less than a week after GB NEWS host Colin Brazier warned that China is “now teaching its children how to worship Xi Jinping.”

Mr Brazier said: “I like to think that ultimately the Communist Party will be toppled by people’s power it has happened before, many times in other parts of the world.

But never before has a state of China’s size brought together information and surveillance technology in a way that seems to deny even a glimmer of revolutionary dissent.”

He added: “Having banished God, China is now teaching its children how to worship Xi Jinping.”

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