‘Incomprehensible’ Biden mocked for bizarre hypothetical Yemen attack in angry speech

Joe Biden poses Yemen question in Afghanistan speech

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During a speech to the nation following America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan after a 20-year intervention, Mr Biden made a bizarre claim questioning whether the US would have invaded Afghanistan if 9/11 had been planned in Yemen. The comment sparked a furious backlash online as people questioned what the President meant with the hypothetical claim.

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Joe Biden rambled about Yemen during his speech

(Image: Sky News)

Biden questioned whether US would ever have gone into Afghanistan if 9/11 was planned in Yemen

(Image: Sky News)

Mr Biden said: “Remember why we went to Afghanistan in the first place?

“Because we were attacked by Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in 2001 and they were based in Afghanistan.

“I respectfully suggest you ask yourself this question: if we had been attacked on September 11th 2001 from Yemen instead of Afghanistan.

“Would we have ever gone to war in Afghanistan?”

But Mr Biden’s bizarre claims about Yemen sparked a furious backlash from media critics and observers.

Editor-in-Chief of The National Pulse media outlet Raheem J. Kassam tweeted: “Joe Biden’s speech is a clusterf**k.

“Takes credit, blames Trump, blames generals, blames Afghans, ‘Extraordinary success’, blames Americans left behind, gibbers on about Yemen?”

Another wrote: “Excuse after excuse after excuse, blame Trump, more excuses, blame Trump, more excuses… Yemen? WTF has this got to do with Yemen Joe?”

One tweet read: “This Yemen / Afghanistan analogy makes no sense.”

A viewer added: “Biden has continued to blame Afghans and Trump. He’s now writing alternative history about Yemen?”

Another said: “Biden is now trying to go back and talk about starting the war in Yemen… nut job. Just admit you screwed up and stop talking.”

More to follow…

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