‘Special relationship crushed’ British veteran says UK ‘don’t need the US’ anymore

UK’s ‘special relationship’ with US ‘crushed’ says Coult

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Speaking to


, Trevor Coult MC, who was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery in


during an ambush by the Taliban, said the


/UK’s ‘special relationship’ has been “crushed” following the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Drawing on his own experiences, Mr Coult suggested that an array of key factors from intelligence sharing to joint operations have highlighted over the years how the relationship has always been a “one-sided” affair before going on to insist the UK now goes its own separate way. But he stressed the UK may struggle to do such a thing and become the independent “Global Britain” ministers say it can be without the support of Joe Biden and the United States.

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Mr Coult said: “The special relationship has been crushed in the last week – there is no special relationship now.

“I have known for years that we do not share everything, I have seen it on the battlefield.“

The war veteran went on to explain how through his role in the intelligence exploitation task force while on tour in Afghanistan, he saw firsthand that intelligence was not shared between the US and UK.

To add insult to injury, he claimed how the UK’s relationship with the US has never “been a fair relationship” adding that it has always been “one-sided”.


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Mr Coult said the UK cannot be Global Britain “in the shadow of someone else”

(Image: Trevor Coult)

UK must move away from Biden says Trevor Coult following Afghanistan catastrophe

(Image: Getty Images)

As a result, he went on to call for the UK to go its separate way to the US and forge its own foreign policy decisions alone.

He said: “If we want to be Global Britain, we can’t be Global Britain in the shadow of someone else. We have one of the best militaries in the world, the best commanders.”

Mr Coult added how the UK is a “fantastic place” and that as a country we should be thriving but “for some reason, we seem to follow the US around”.

He added how “we don’t need them” anymore and urged the United Kingdom moves forward following the catastrophic fallout from Afghanistan as the Taliban takeover after 20-years of western intervention.


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Mr Coult claimed Boris Johnson can’t cut ties with America as Britain needs the US for trade deals

(Image: Getty Images)

The Military Cross recipient warned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be reluctant to take such a giant leap in a new direction over fears it would damage the UK’s post-Brexit trade agreement with America.

Mr Coult speculated how “we need” such agreement if Britain is to succeed economically, before saying how a trade agreement is even more vital now that the EU have “turned their back on us”.

He suggested as a result of the ‘Special Relationship’ the UK is “being held hostage” by the USA and should instead spread its wings to follow the foreign policy examples of Canada and Australia.

The Royal Irish Regiment veteran concluded by acknowledging Britain is “a great nation” that “needs to start believing in ourselves” over what, as a country, the UK is capable of achieving out of the grasp of American influence and oversight.



Trevor Coult was awarded the Military Cross for outstanding bravery in Afghanistan

(Image: Trevor Coult)

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Mr Coult was awarded a Military Cross for his actions during a complex ambush involving a suicide bomber and a machine gun position in Baghdad.

During his 20-year service, Mr Coult completed 10 operational deployments in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The veteran has been involved in 178 engagements with enemy forces and astonishingly survived 3 IED explosions.

Trevor was a patron of the military charity “Veterans in Action” from 2009 until 2019 and now works with charity PTSD Resolution to assist veterans suffering from the devastating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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