Taliban’s brutal ‘justice’ ceremony saw crowds stone men and women in packed bazaar

Australian citizen beaten by Taliban at Kabul airport

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’s rapid return to power in


, and news of


attacks at Kabul airport, have shocked the world. In recent weeks the group has rapidly regained control of the country leaving British and American troops in a race against time to get remaining troops and nationals out. Despite the Taliban stressing that “war is over” and that it no longer wishes to wage terror, there are fears it will return to the brutal methods it used in years gone by. The confirmed number of American troops killed in yesterday’s attacks in the Afghan capital is 13.

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The overall tally is 90, with at least 150 more wounded.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the blasts as US President

Joe Biden

warned “we will

hunt you down

and make you pay”.

ISIS-K, a local branch of

Islamic State

, is amassing thousands of fighters to topple the Taliban – who they view as too liberal.

However, some reports of Taliban violence are already emerging, with fears this could become more widespread.

One journalist, who wished to remain anonymous for her safety, said her

14-year-old nephew was targeted

by the Taliban for wearing shorts and a t-shirt in public.


Taliban horror: Death toll in Kabul rises to 90

Taliban’s brutal ‘justice’ ceremony saw crowds stone men and women in packed bazaar

(Image: GETTY)

British soldiers secure the perimeter outside Baron Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan.

(Image: GETTY)

These were deemed not conservative enough.

Afghanistan’s former interior Minister Masoud Andarabi, sacked by then-President Ashfraf Ghani in March, tweeted a number of pictures on Wednesday, which


has opted not to use on the grounds of taste.

He said: “Taliban are trying to rule over people by terrorising, killing you children and elderly citizens.

“In Adarab, Taliban have been carrying out unwarranted searches of homes, capturing people without reason or justification and killing innocent citizens.”

The distressing images show the body of a baby, another of a toddler with a nasty face injury, and the blood-soaked body of an elderly man.

The terror attacks in Kabul last night left at least 90 dead

(Image: GETTY)

Taliban insurgents patrolling the streets of Afghanistan

(Image: GETTY)


Some responding to his post noted there is no proof that the Taliban were responsible for these injuries.

This, however, has not quelled fears the Taliban will revert to previous methods.

A 2011 report in

The Independent

recalled a Taliban “justice” ceremony, in which an announcement came over loudspeaker ordering people to gather at a village bazaar.

A young man and woman had been engaged to other partners for marriage by their families. They fell in love and, fearing the repercussions, fled.

Five days later they returned after being promised they would not be harmed – this was not the case.


Australian man beaten up by Taliban then has rifle fired over his head


Britons stuck in Kabul prompt fear ‘Biggest hostage crisis ever seen!’


Nick Ferrari slams President Biden over Afghan ‘Not fit for office’


Turkish soldier takes care of a baby as people wait for evacuation from Kabul airport.

(Image: GETTY)

Afghans have desperately tried to flee the country after the Taliban takeover

(Image: GETTY)

The report said: “The first stone was thrown by a Taliban fighter and then the crowd followed suit. The woman fell after the first hail of blows to her head and witnesses in the crowd of around 150 reported that she must have died soon afterwards.

“The man, covered in blood and severely injured, survived the stoning.

“One of the Taliban shot the prone body three times, leaving with the warning that this will be the fate of those involved in “un-Islamic” activities.”

Taliban senior commander Waheedullah last week said there will be “no democratic system” within Afghanistan, instead, it is “Sharia law and that is it”.

Sharia law

is a legal system in Islam which is used as a code of conduct for Muslims, derived from the Quran and the sayings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad.

Afghanistan: Tom Tugendhat warns of possible hostage crisis

All human actions are regulated under Sharia law, but how it is applied depends on the ruling government.

The Taliban is renowned for its enforcement of an extreme version when it ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

Punishments included public stonings, hangings and whippings for offenders, while women faced particularly tough regulations.

They were not allowed an education beyond the age of eight, and could only leave their homes with a male chaperone, and had to wear a burka.

They were also not permitted to work. Those who disobeyed these, and a host of other rules, would be flogged in the street, or could even face execution for the most severe breaches.

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President Biden has faced enormous criticism over his handling of the situation and now has American blood on his hands.

“It will stain his presidency forever,” according to

The Telegraph


Despite calls from other allies including Boris Johnson, he believed it was “my way or the highway”, per a Telegraph source.

In a speech last night, he admitted culpability but blamed

Donald Trump

just moments later.

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