Horror as Great White Shark stalks fisherman and paddleboarder – ‘He’s coming back’

Massachusetts: Great white shark feeds off of whale carcass

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Fisherman Laurie Debono noticed the 10ft shark as it approached the boarder off Shoal Bay. This incident took place in the Hunter Region of New South Wales,


. In a video, Laure is heard shouting to the paddleboarder: “Watch out mate, there’s a big great white just here.

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“He’s coming back around, I’d go back that way in a hurry”.

Laurie told Daily Mail Australia: “At first he thought I was kidding… then I advised him to swim back to shore… there were also bathers behind me as well.

“This fish wasn’t a monster by all means but it wasn’t a baby. They are such beautiful creatures and I wasn’t threatened at all by it.”

The video of the shark was filmed on Sunday from Laurie’s fishing boat.


(Image: PA)

Great White Shark

(Image: PA)

There are more than 100 shark attacks on humans annually worldwide.

However, most of these attacks are not fatal.

Thirty percent to 50 percent involving Great White Sharks.

Great White Sharks are most commonly found off the coast of California,

South Australia and South Africa.


Shark underwater

(Image: PA)

Shark in the sea

(Image: PA)

Sharks have also been spotted in the UK. In January, experts warned Great White Sharks are “more than likely” to be in British waters after more than 100 sightings.

National Geographic explorer Professor Yannis Papastamatiou told The Sun: “Britain is arguably the best place in the world to see a basking shark and porbeagles are quite common in the UK.”

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