British student lays bare chilling confrontation with Taliban – ‘Would have shot you dead’

Australian citizen beaten by Taliban at Kabul airport

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The 25-year-old, who wants to remain anonymous, has now safely returned to the UK and is staying with his wife in a south London hotel. However, he was forced to endure a nerve-racking confrontation with the Jihadhists, as he tried to gain entry to


airport. After showing his British passport to Taliban guards stationed at the airport, a militant chillingly told him: “If we were not under pressure from international society, we would have shot you dead.”

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The medical student told the Daily Mail he had “zero per cent confidence” the Islamists would keep their promise to show clemency to Afghans who worked with British and US forces.

He believes that once all foreign troops and journalists have left the country, the Taliban will cut the country off from the rest of the world – primarily by shutting down the internet.

He predicted the religious extremists would then seek retribution against their perceived enemies.


(Image: Getty)


(Image: Getty)

“I think the Taliban will start to ask [people], ‘Why did you leave your country? Why are you planning to go to another country? You don’t like us? So now you are at our mercy and we can do whatever we want’,” he told the newspaper.

It comes as disturbing reports emerged of civilians being dragged out of their homes and summarily executed by the Jihadists.

According to leaked United Nation documents, the religious group has drawn up “priority lists” of individuals it wants to track down.


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Those who played a prominent role within the Afghan military, police force and intelligence services are allegedly top of the hit list.

Militants have also been scouring towns and villages for sex slaves to divide among their fighters.

Taliban commanders reportedly view unmarried – or widowed – women and girls aged 12 to 45 as “qhanimat”, spoils of war.



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On Wednesday, the British Foreign Office warned British nationals trying to flee Afghanistan to avoid travelling to the Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport, due to an “ongoing and high threat of terrorist attack”.

UK defence sources had voiced growing concerns about the possibility of a suicide bomb attack targeting the airport.

Intelligence chiefs believed there was a “high risk” that extremists from Isis-K, an Islamic State-affiliated group, were plotting a deadly attack.

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