Taliban savagely execute Afghan TikTok comedian over puns mocking the terrorist group

Nazar Mohammad appears to be captured by Taliban in July

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Chilling footage has emerged of a comedian in


defiantly mocking the Taliban as he is bundled into a car by the group’s hardline fighters before being murdered. The video recorded towards the end of July shows Afghan funnyman Nazar Mohammad, who went by the stage name Khasha Zwan, being held prisoner in the city of Kandahar by two heavily armed


militants after his capture.

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Human rights groups later reported Nazar was executed a short time after the video was shot.

was well known in the country for mocking the Taliban in a series of jokes and dances uploaded onto Tik Tok.

He can be seen sitting in the back of a car with two Taliban fighters on either side, continuing to ridicule the extremist militia despite the danger he is in.

Nazar’s defiant jibes lead the Taliban fighter at his side to slap the man repeatedly across the face.

Nazar Mohammad appears to be captured by Taliban in July

(Image: Twitter)

Nazar Mohammad (pictured left) was filmed being taken away by the Taliban

(Image: Twitter)

The comedian was reportedly killed by a Taliban firing squad with the group initially denied any involvement before admitting responsibility.

Pictures from the execution scene appear to show Nazar up against the trunk of a tree and later slumped on the ground with a bloody wound to his neck.

Earlier this week a former British paratrooper warned the Taliban were already carrying out summary executions of those deemed to have crossed the movement.

Taliban fighters have been “firmly threatening people” in Afghanistan associated with British forces according to Major

Andrew Fox.

Taliban and al-Qaeda could ‘join up’ warns security expert

Major Fox told LBC: “The Taliban are firmly threatening people.

“Executions are beginning in Kandahar province down in the south,” he added.

“I know for a fact that some interpreters were intercepted the other day and they are now in an escape and evasion mission in Kabul trying to get to the airport.

“People have had phone calls to their houses saying when the Americans are gone we are coming for you.”



Afghanistan: Taliban fighters man a checkpoint in Kabul following the rapid capture of the capital

(Image: Getty)

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“So whilst Kabul might be fairly peaceful at the moment other cities in Afghanistan certainly aren’t and I suspect as soon as we are off the ground things might change quite rapidly.”

Asked what the Government could do to aid the rescue mission out of Afghanistan, he replied: “I would like to see it made easier for people to get onto the planes and to get freedom from Kabul.

“There are quite a lot of hoops to jump through for anyone who is trying to get back to the UK at the moment.

“There are biometrics on the form that need filling in and that is incredibly difficult to do when you are in hiding and you are trying to keep your phone sanitized and your IT equipment sanitized so there is no evidence on it.”

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