Afghanistan resistance ready to give in to Taliban fighters as US ‘betrayal’ kills morale

Afghanistan: Sense of ‘betrayal’ by US says expert

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Expert Gabriel Gatehouse has revealed that the


resistance fighters might stop fighting the


due to lack of morale caused by the US “betrayal”. He said “history is going around in circles” as he reported fighters loyal to the former government had been hoping to secure support from international agencies such as the CIA.

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Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Mr Gatehouse said:

Now in terms of who is leading this movement, politically it’s led by Amrullah Saleh, who until a week ago was Afghanistan’s vice president.

“He now calls himself the acting president of the whole country.


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Ahmad Massoud, son of the legendary Mujahideen fighter. Ahmad Shah Massoud

(Image: Getty Images)

Afghanistan conflict

(Image: Getty Images)

Mr Gatehouse went on:


nd he’s the son of the legendary Mujahideen fighter

Ahmad Shah Massoud

who led the resistance

the Soviet in the 1980s, the Taliban

in the 90s as

part of the Northern Alliance and who was assassinated


al Qaeda in 2001, just two days before 9/11


“There is

movement on this story tonight

a piece published in The Telegraph tonight


uoting an unnamed advisor to Ahad Massoud, saying he’s preparing to surrender to the



I have sent messages out


I’ve got denials of this from his spokesman


“I’ve got

somebody who’s on the ground is speaking to somebody on the ground


“They’re saying there is this sense of betrayal by the Americans, by the West.

These are messages forwarded from someone on the ground just a few minutes ago

, ‘

we were let down

, w

e were abandoned.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve typed this message



victims of Afghanistan conflict

(Image: Getty Images)


“So, what they’re publicly saying is that they would prefer to talk than to fight but if necessary, they will fight.

“But it’s clear at the same time that they’re really pushing hard now, looking for international support, whether that’s money or weapons just as the CIA in the 1980s and 90s.

President Joe Biden has said that the US will end evacuation at the end of this month.

However, Boris Johnson hopes to postpone this date and he will be holding a joint call with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel on Tuesday in a bid to create a common strategy to convince Mr Biden to postpone the full withdrawal.