Watch: Man in Fedora Hat Opens Fire as Antifa, Proud Boys Clash in Portland, US – Reports

A shooting took place in downtown Portland, Oregon, with social media users reporting the incident on Sunday.

Sometime prior to the firearm incident, it was reported that the Proud Boys and Antifa had been involved in a clash on 122nd Street in Portland, which included the use of pepper spray and airsoft guns.

According to one of the videos that are being shared online, the shooter is a middle-aged man with a fedora hat on his head. He appeared to be alone. As seen in the video, the man hides behind a car, firing three shots before leaving the area.

Also, according to other eyewitnesses, shots were fired downtown near 2nd and Taylor streets, and a man with a handgun was seen shooting at anti-fascists.

“Tons of cops now coming down 3rd,” one

local resident tweeted

following the incident. “I counted 7 shots but someone was shooting back after the first couple.”

Portland police allegedly cordoned off the area where the shooting took place. At the same time, a photo of the alleged shooter appeared on social media, with the man in it holding a pistol in one hand and a magazine in the other.

As comes from the many videos distributed on social networks, the shootout had numerous witnesses who filmed what was happening from different angles.

According to the later videos, the shooter

was apprehended

by the police. A video shot by a journalist shows how the man lies down on the ground at the request of law enforcement officers and does not engage in resistance while being detained.

​However, there could be a second shooter, according to Portland police, as the incident might

have been a shootout


According to the most recent reports, no one has been reported injured in the shootout as of yet, and no one has received medical attention. Local residents say on social networks that few of the eyewitnesses

have sought to tell

the police about the incident.

Earlier in the day, the same area of the city saw heated arguments and even clashes between Antifa and Proud Boys movement members, as both sides

reportedly employed

airsoft and paintball guns, and the Proud Boys reportedly flipped over a van while shooting paintballs at people passing by.


erupted in Portland

after the death of Black man George Floyd in police custody in late spring 2020, and since then there have been regular clashes between Antifa and other groups in the city, as well as frequent gunfights with the use of lethal weapons.