As More Than a Million in Israel Vaccinated With Third Dose, Tweeps Are Divided Over Its Necessity

Israel is forging ahead with its campaign to administer a third dose of COVID vaccines to the nation.

Over the weekend, some 100,000 Israelis received a third dose of the Pfizer jab, bringing the total number to

nearly 1.4 million


The spike in the number of vaccinated comes after a fierce media campaign by the Israeli authorities, and them earlier this month expanding the range of

people eligible for the dose

by giving it out to those 40 and older.

Meanwhile, the situation in Israel continues to be a cause for concern. On Saturday, the country


nearly 8,000 new coronavirus cases, pushing the total number of those sick with the virus to 67,500. Some 645 are in critical condition, while 155 are connected to ventilators.

To curb the spread of the disease, authorities in Israel are pinning their hopes on the third dose but many Israelis are still reluctant to get it.

Third Vaccine Dose is a Boon

On Twitter and other social media networks, the third dose has become the subject of a lively debate among Israelis, with Tweeps largely divided over whether it is actually needed.

Some are supportive of the idea to give Israelis a boost by administering the third dose.

“Third shot + second shot. Leave nonsense behind and go to get vaccinated”, wrote one Twitter user, posting a photo of himself with what seems to be his daughter after the two got a jab.

Another one wrote: “I took a third dose because I need to take care of myself. Because I need to take care of my girls and Israeli society. Solidarity is a value, and the vaccine – which protects you and others – is a great opportunity to exercise it”.

Another Shot? Not Again

The catch is that not many Israelis embrace these views, and some are sharing the reasons they think getting a third vaccine dose is simply out of the question.

There are those who prefer to skip it for health reasons, especially as the medical community is still


whether a booster is efficient.

The tweet reads: “Do not get vaccinated with this dangerous and unnecessary third vaccine. We will close down schools… Sharp and smooth! Close until a new and good vaccine is found against the new strains of the coronavirus. The third vaccine is ineffective. Full stop!”

Others claim they refuse to take it because of their

moral values

that won’t allow them do so, when there are still people, primarily from low- and middle-income countries that are still waiting for their first jab.

The tweet reads: “I am against a third dose, when the world and our closest neighbours need it much more than us”.

But there are also those who put their their reluctance down to political reasons.

“Third dose … it concerns me. Does not feel safe, because of who stands at the helm. Even if they show me that the Pfizer bottle is valid. What do I do?”

“Bibi [former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – ed.] vaccinated 250,000 a day. [Current PM] Bennett vaccinates 50,000 a week, including Saturdays. Even the left knows you are a crook. I’m not getting vaccinated because I’m afraid you’ll inject me with a medication that has expired”.

Bennett, who assumed office in mid-June after forging a coalition with the liberal party Yesh Atid, has been slammed for what’s believed to be his mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic.

His government did introduce a number of measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. They reintroduced face masks indoors, limited the amount of people in gatherings, either indoors or outdoors, and tightened travel restrictions.

Yet, for many in Israel these measures were introduced too late and were far from making an impact.

On Saturday,

a poll

conducted by Israel’s Channel 12 revealed that a majority of Israelis, some 60 percent, believed the government led by Bennett was mismanaging the pandemic. Only 35 percent said they eyed the authorities’ conduct as positive.

Earlier this month,

another poll

found that only 23 percent of respondents said that Bennett was managing the situation. In comparison, Netanyahu received 44 percent of votes.