Tucker Carlson Defends ‘Senile’ Biden as Officials, Media Abandon POTUS Over Afghanistan Disaster

Paleoconservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson has asked why pro-Democratic media and some of Biden’s own senior officials have so openly and publicly abandoned or contradicted the president over the chaos in Afghanistan.

In his Friday night broadcast, Carlson


that types of criticisms faced by Biden are unusual, and break a cardinal rule that’s typically a “ruthlessly enforced” policy in “any White House” not to allow the boss to be publicly diminished.

In a Friday press conference on the US military’s ongoing evacuation from Afghanistan, Biden declared that the US had been successful in ridding Afghanistan of al-Qaeda*, and dismissed reports of Americans being stopped from reaching Kabul’s airport to be evacuated, saying that the US and the Taliban had reached an agreement on their safety.

REUTERS / Elizabeth Frantz

Pentagon Defies Biden Twice, Saying al-Qaeda Not Gone, Taliban ‘Beating’ Fleeing Americans

Just moments later, in separate briefings and press conferences, Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby

contradicted Biden on both claims

, with Austin telling House lawmakers that some Americans have been harassed or beaten by Taliban* militants. Kirby, meanwhile, told reporters at the Pentagon that al-Qaeda* and Daesh (ISIS)* are present in Afghanistan, and complained that it is difficult to determine just how many terrorists are in the country because “our intelligence-gathering ability in Afghanistan isn’t what it used to be” amid the ongoing withdrawal.

Also this week, liberal media outlets including CNN, ABC News and MSNBC, which are traditionally pro-Biden, pro-Democratic Party networks,

have attacked the president

, encouraging him to own up to the US “Failure” in Afghanistan and suggesting that the bungled Afghan withdrawal serves to “tarnish America’s image.”

“Seven months into his term, Biden no longer gets credit simply for not being Donald Trump,” CNN White House reporter Stephen Collinson said in one story slamming the president.

“What’s going on here?” Tucker asked in his segment. “These are literally the people who got Joe Biden elected. He wouldn’t be president without these people. Now, just seven months in, they’re telling you he has failed personally? It does not make sense.”

The host suggested that the wave of criticism against Biden over Afghanistan was strange, because it was “hardly [the president’s] first disaster.”

“As of tonight, our southern border has collapsed, the murder rate is spiking in our cities, the Covid vaccines do not work, inflation’s out of control, and the country’s entire population of school children hasn’t been educated in more than a year. All of that’s been going on. None of that seemed to bother CNN in the slightest. In fact, they reserved their energy to attack anyone who noticed those trends. But now, suddenly their anchors are weeping on the air because Americans are trapped in Afghanistan. They didn’t notice the 70,000 who die every year from drug overdoses. But this has sent them into a self-righteous rage. Call us cynical, but we don’t buy it. Something else is going on here. We don’t know what it is, exactly, but it’s pretty obvious,” Carlson suggested.

“All we can say for certain at this point is that Joe Biden won’t be making any of the big decisions going forward. Biden isn’t capable of being president in crisis. So who will be? We can’t say. But it’s clear if you watch closely that things are changing very fast in Washington. The people around Biden are moving away from him, in ways that are not subtle,” the host suggested.

Kabul’s Collapse Sparks Existential Crisis

The US and NATO-backed government of Afghanistan collapsed on Sunday, just over four months after the Biden administration announced that US forces would be withdrawing from the country, and a mere ten days after the Taliban captured the country’s first major city. According to Brown University, the US spent over $2 trillion on the war in Afghanistan over the past 19+ years, equivalent to more than $300 million a day, only to see the government and military it created over a generation disintegrate in just months. The speed of the collapse has sparked an existential crisis within NATO, and has prompted officials from some US allies and client states

to express fears

that the West had become “weaker globally” in the wake of the Afghan “humiliation.”

* Designated as terrorist groups in Russia and many other countries.