MTG Files Impeachment Docs Against Biden Over Afghanistan, Border Crisis & Usurping Balance of Power

The infamous House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene proposed that Congress impeach US President Joe Biden on three articles, and the Afghan issue is included on the list.

The Republican from Georgia has proposed three resolutions: one for “dereliction of duty” for Biden’s handling of the Afghan crisis, another for the “border crisis,” regarding the migrant influx at the southern US border, and a third for “usurping congressional authority and ignoring the judicial authority of the Supreme Court” for the administration’s

eviction moratorium

during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greene added that the “Afghanistan” article includes leaving reportedly 10,000 Americans behind as the nation’s Islamist movement, the Taliban*, takes over the reins of power.

“In seven short months, Joe Biden has caused America to lose the respect of the entire world. The evidence is clear and his actions are so egregious that he must be impeached,” Greene said in a statement published on her Twitter.

Such an initiative has little chance of success in Congress, where both chambers are controlled by members of Biden’s Democratic party.

Nevertheless, conservative commentator Mark Levin, who previously discussed the use of the 25th Amendment, Dan Bongino, and Jenna Ellis, a senior legal assistant to former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, are also among those calling for Biden to be impeached.

And if the GOP takes back control over the lower chamber in 2022, current Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy earlier this week did not rule out the possibility of impeaching Biden, specifying that such a move could only happen “if Biden takes an illegal action.”


Biden ‘Should Be Impeached’ If He Fails to Evacuate All Americans & Afghan Allies, Graham Warns

Biden’s immediate predecessor, former President Donald Trump,

was impeached

twice by a Democratic-controlled House, once in relation to Ukraine and again following the January 6 Capitol riot, but the GOP-led Senate acquitted him both times.

Greene noted in her statement that there is a general aversion to launching more acrimonious impeachment procedures, but she said that the “safety and security of the country and the American people” is at risk.

“Currently, our government is illegitimate because it is no longer serving its citizens. We have to restore respect for America in order for our allies and our citizens to trust the government,” Greene added. “Joe Biden must be impeached, tried in the Senate, convicted, and removed from office.”

Meanwhile, the hashtag #BanMargeForGood went viral on social media, and netizens, in the spirit of the cancel culture era, expressed their personal opinions about both Greene’s initiative, her past statements and the congresswoman in general, while also calling on Twitter to completely ban the representative’s account.

​Green has shocked the general public more than once, promoting all sorts of conspiracy theories, questioning the dangers of COVID-19 and speaking out against anti-pandemic measures, for which she

has been repeatedly suspended

by Twitter. She once even compared the mask mandate to the horrors of the Holocaust, but then

took her words back

and apologized.