Biden insists ‘no-one has criticised’ US credibility on Afghanistan – despite global anger

President Biden grilled on USA’s withdrawal from Afghanistan

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Joe Biden

held his first press conference on


since he returned from his holiday to Camp David and fielded questions from reporters who grilled him on his handling of the US withdrawal. Mr Biden was bluntly asked how he thinks US credibility now looks on the international stage following the chaos of the withdrawal and the


retaking the country. But the President shocked many viewers when he suggested there has been “no question of our credibility” despite the majority of the world’s media publishing stories of former allies, politicians and diplomats coming out on record to slam Mr Biden.

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During his press conference, Mr Biden said: “I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. I’ve spoken with our NATO allies, we’ve spoken with NATO allies, the secretary of state.

“Our national security advisers have been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world and our allies.

“The fact of the matter is I have not seen this and, a matter of fact, the exact opposite.

“Let’s put this thing in perspective here, what interests do we have in Afghanistan at this point with Al-Qaeda gone?

“We went to Afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan as well as getting Osama bin Laden.”

Joe Biden was attacked after he suggested he has not been criticised for Afghanistan

(Image: Sky News)

Joe Biden answered questions from the public

(Image: Getty)

Many took to Twitter to voice their anger towards Mr Biden and added to the long list of the President’s critics.

Sky News’s Mark Stone said: “He said I have seen no question of our credibility. Extraordinary – just plain wrong. Openly there has been criticism in London, Paris, Berlin. Brussels in NATO. There’s deep unease in the way this operation has unfolded.”

BBC North America Editor Jon Sopel tweeted: “Striking and disturbing thing about this statement from Biden is the extent to which the most powerful armed forces in the world are now dependent on the goodwill of the Taliban Afghanistan.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn said: “Joe Biden said there is ‘no circumstance’ where Americans have been blocked from the Kabul airport.

“This is a lie. My office has received reports of Americans unable to enter the airport. We have told the State Department and nothing has been done about it.”


Afghanistan refugees coming to UK


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Earlier this week, GB News presenter Andrew Neil claimed Mr Biden was being “held hostage” by the Taliban as the group essentially control the routes into the airport.

There were also rumours US ground troops have been forced to buy fuel from the Taliban after a Major refused to comment on the allegation during a Pentagon press conference.

Mr Biden claimed the G7 leaders were aware of the Afghanistan withdrawal and were in close contact with him and did not voice any opposition during their meetings together.

He added they the group will meet in the coming weeks to discuss the situation as he hoped to create a unified approach to Afghanistan.